Mix Up !

Can you work out what these words are?
Use the clues to help you.

lebu (a colour) = blue

1. vesen (a number)
2. lirg (not a boy)
3. olhiyad (Christmas is one, summer is another)
4. nitrew (a season of the year)
5. hoolsc (your favourite place to study!)
6. mmuers (another season)
7. tnetwy (a number)
8. lassmoroc (the place where you work)
9. daydewsen (a day of the week)
10. bernovme (a month)

Can you put the words in these sentences in the right order?

like I school much very = I like school very much

1. Friday after comes Saturday
2. December November comes before
3. today it raining is?
4. cold room is very the
5. school bus by come I to
6. does when end the lesson?
7. donít like reading books I
8. are useful very not computers
9. please homework with help my me
10. shopping Saturdays I going like on