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Describing People

Cut out some pictures of people from magazines - pop stars, sportsmen, TV stars.


  1. Use the lists below to describe their appearance or how they look.
  2. Pairs work: one student can write down a description from a picture and the other student must guess who it is.
  3. Describe yourself, another student, your Teacher.
Height Build Age
tall, tallish, short, shortish, medium height frail, stocky, slim, thin, plump, fat, skinny, well-built young, elderly, middle-aged, teenager, in 20s, 30s, 40s
Face Eyes Hair Clothes
round, oval, square, with scares, wrinkles, freckles, sun-tanned, pale big round blue eyes, large, small, bright, narrow bald, straight, curly, spiky, wavy casual, scruffy, shabby, smart, tidy, messy

Describing Character - What's he like? Is she nice?

  1. Use the words below to describe what your friends, family and teachers are like.
  2. In pairs: one student writes down a description and the other student must guess who it is.
careful, hard-working, worried, cheerful, broadminded, active, curious, secretive aggressive, tough, careless, practical, sensible, independent, strong-minded, stupid dull, boring, imaginative, ambitious, crafty, sensitive, gentle, naive generous, loyal, self-controlled, moody, trusting, modest, tolerant, friendly energetic, confident, selfish, shy, stubborn, reliable, clumsy, intelligent